October 19th, 2021
ATTENTION: American Airlines Group Inc. and all affiliates and subsidiaries
FROM: Deputy Director, G.I.A.
Clearance Code: 585609339

The following message is official notice that you are in violation of State, Federal, and International Laws. U.S. Marshals have been notified and will carry out the orders of this office as a branch of Law Enforcement that operates in the United States under the Jurisdiction of the Global Intelligence Agency.

This is an Order to CEASE AND DESIST all mandatory vaccine policies you have implemented at American Airlines Group Inc..  No statute, code, mandate or ordinance whether State, Federal, or International can be enforced if it violates the fundamental human rights defined in the Laws of the Land. No individual has to abide by said mandate as it cannot be enforced. Said codes, statutes, mandates and ordinances appear as law, but are in fact “no law”. 15 Jurisprudence 177, Section 2.

As an employer you do not have the right, authority, or jurisdiction to reject an employee’s requests for religious exemptions from employment contingent upon unlawful mandates. You do not have the right, authority, or jurisdiction to pass judgement, invoke penalties, or make decisions about an employee’s value based solely on their religious or conscience beliefs.  This is discrimination against a protected class.

Religious and Conscience beliefs are a personal matter and must be respected in the work place so long as they do not do harm to others. If the claim of American Airlines Group Inc. is that the “unvaccinated” are a threat to the other employees, then the accuser (the employer) accepts responsibility for the Burden of Proof. Burden of proof is a legal duty that encompasses two connected but separate ideas that apply for establishing the truth of facts in a trial before tribunals in the United States. A Government mandate falsely presented as law is not enough to satisfy the burden of proof requirements.

Furthermore, our records show that you have received Government Grant funding for various purposes. We have written records that are time stamped and dated, showing you have informed your employees that they must be vaccinated by November 24th, 2021. American Airlines Group Inc. is now being investigated by the G.I.A. for criminal racketeering with the U.S. Government as a Co-Conspirator, as well as all associated activities pertaining to banking, fraud, discrimination, practicing medicine without a license, and gross criminal negligence.

The G.I.A. has recovered the necessary documentation to provide to the Civil Courts to ensure the chain of custody is validated and your current and former employees will be provided with this information upon request to file suit against American Airlines Group Inc. In our investigation we have identified violations of International Humanitarian Law identified in the Nuremberg Code.

Our main priority is to ensure that you have the necessary information to make informed decisions about the policies you establish for your employees both and now and in the future. It is required that you provide this information to your employees so that they have the option to exercise their fundamental rights without fear of losing their position at American Airlines Group Inc.  Please review the attached information and links below.

  • The Global Health and Wellness Consortium (G.H.W.C.) has been approved to retain the charter formerly held by the World Health Organization (W.H.O.).
  • The G.H.W.C. is the only Global authority authorized to make treatment recommendations, designations, and requirements for all health, wellness, and medical related issues.
  • The COVID-19 Vaccines have been categorized as Bio-hazardous Medical Waste (H.R.20215487991247) by the Global Health and Wellness Consortium. This order has been ratified into the Hall of Records and is recognized as law in every country in the world.
  • The administration of medical waste to a human being in an injection or any other form would categorize it as a biological weapon.
  • The use of biological weapons and or the facilitation to create, mandate, or assist the administration of biological weapons to people is a violation of Humanitarian Law.

The G.I.A. is the only recognized and ratified Intelligence Agency in the world with ratified bodies operating in every country on the planet. The G.I.A. operates as the enforcement unit for the Global Peace and Restoration Consortium and as the Guardians of the Global Assets for the Global Repository formerly known as the Global Central Bank.

The content of this message has been approved by the Head of the Global Repository as a matter requiring immediate action. The G.I.A. has been given the authority by the Global Repository to allow you to address this grievance before urgent action is taken. The Global Repository has a responsibility to ensure that the financial system is not used to fund terrorist activities including mandates to employees to participate in an experimental technology never before used on humans.

To redress this grievance and avoid Lawful intervention American Airlines Group Inc. will provide written notice that they have changed the policies that violate Order H.R.20215487991247 from the Global Health and Wellness Consortium. These policy changes along with this email are to be shared with every active or recently released employee at your company. American Airlines Group Inc. will have 72 hours from 5 AM EST on Tuesday October 19th, 2021 to fulfill these requirements.

Failure to comply with this order will result in immediate enforcement actions that are within the scope of authority held by the Office of the Guardian, the Global Directorate, the Global Repository, and enforced by the G.I.A.

In addition, Civil and Criminal Penalties will apply to the American Airlines Group Inc. including officers of the company, members of the Board of Directors, and managerial staff.  Anyone who assisted to issue or enforce any mandatory vaccine policies will be held accountable in their personal and private capacities.

All relevant changes to this policy are to be returned to DeputyDirector@GlobalIntelligence.Agency.

Any employee that was displaced or terminated as a RESULT of noncompliance with your current  mandated vaccine policy will receive the full backing of this office to redress their grievances through Civil and Criminal Action.  American Airlines Group Inc.  is and will be held liable for any injuries, conditions, or adverse reactions that develop as a result of receiving the SARS-CoV2 Vaccine because of your company mandates.



Agencies of Providence for the Global Repository

Clearance Code: 585609339